Goal 5: Leading system change and integration and improving access to services

System change and integration has always been a focus for Bloorview, however, we will place further emphasis in this area to enhance access and facilitate a system approach to care and treatment to benefit our clients and families.


By enhancing our three-pronged approach – clinical care, research and teaching – Bloorview will be positioned to take a lead in advancing the childhood disability agenda nationally and globally.

We will:

  • Build system capacity, address gaps in the system and enhance access in priority areas such as Child Development and Participation at Bloorview and beyond.
  • Contribute to, and advocate for improved data and outcome measures for childhood disability.
  • Profile and promote the child and youth disability agenda provincially and nationally through participation in relevant pediatric and rehab networks, LHINs, involvement in initiatives at the University of Toronto and with other academic partners.
  • Explore opportunities to extend Bloorview’s global reach, where appropriate.

Expected Outcomes:

By taking the lead in campaigning for an improved health system for children with disabilities, we will:

  • Contribute to the national wait list project in child development and contribute to strategies to address access issues provincially.
  • Establish national clinical benchmarks and targets for outcomes and access to services.
  • Build appropriate partnerships to extend services across Ontario and achieve greater efficiencies in delivering programs internally.
  • Acquire sustainable funding for programming to address gaps in the system, such as the transition programming and enhancement of respite services.
  • Contribute to knowledge of outcomes and benchmarks in pediatric rehab through further development of Decision Support tools and collaboration with provincial and national partners in the disability and health information fields.
  • Contribute to the national agenda for child health.
  • Explore opportunities to partner with others in an international outreach program.

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