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   Child Development

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   Writing Aids

- Community Outreach,
   Recreation and Education

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     - Centre for the Arts

     - Nursery School

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     - Student Support
     - Swimming

- Dental
- Education
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- Library
- Meeting Rooms

- Musculoskeletal
     - Understanding Spina

- Neurorehabilitation
- Neurodevelopmental
- Prosthetics and Orthotics

- Seating Services



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Bloorview strives to be a learning organization that values and supports the ongoing learning and development of our staff, clients, families, students and community partners. Our education services team provides continuing education opportunities for staff and develops and implements education and training opportunities for clients, families, rehabilitation students and professionals and community partners.

Courses, workshops and conferences are available for staff, clients, families and community partners. Courses and workshops are offered at both sites and are available off-site for groups with a minimum of 15 participants.

Upcoming education events

Transitions Conference 4

The Transitions Conference 4 Steering Committee is working on the upcoming conference.

Bloorview Kids Rehab
150 Kilgour Road, Toronto, Ontario M4G 1R8
Phone: 416.424-3851 or Fax: 416.425-6591

Family Education

Why does my Teen behave that way?' To help parents understand how much of their teen's behaviour is just 'typical teen stuff' versus how much may be a function of an acquired brain injury (ABI), Family Support Service (in conjunction with the Life Skills and Wellness Institute) is pleased to offer a "Parenting Adolescents with ABI" workshop series. In a friendly, fun and interactive series of sessions, parents will develop their own skills that will help launch their teens towards adulthood.

To find out more, read the attached brochure and then call Val Lusted, Social Worker @ (416)425-6220, ext. 3694.

Pediatric Rehabilitation Course for Nurses
Pediatric Nursing Rehabilitation

This is a 3 day pediatric nursing rehabilitation course offered March 27, 28, 29, designed for Registered Nurses and Registered Practical Nurses who work with children and adolescents who have disabilities and /or chronic illnesses. Nurses who work in acute care rehabilitation, schools, home and community settings will be presented up to date information on rehabilitation nursing care of children and adolescents. Your knowledge of current rehabilitation nursing interventions for children with various disabilities will be enhanced.

Please click herePDF to download the brochure and registration form.

Family Education Events:
(For Bloorview Families)

Education sessions for clients, parents and caregivers on various interesting and relevant topics are held throughout the year. For information about upcoming family events, check out our Calendar of Events

Grand Rounds:
(For Bloorview staff, clients, families and visitors)

Pre-registration is not required.

Clinical training:
(Available for rehabilitation professionals and students)

Care of the Pediatric Client who has a Tracheotomy or who is Ventilated:

Clinical educators and respiratory therapists offer half- or full-day workshops designed for Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses or Attendants. These workshops include anatomy and physiology, respiratory assessment, topic theory and hands-on practice of tracheotomy and ventilator procedures.

Care of the Pediatric Client with a Feeding Tube (N/G, G, J or G/J):

Clinical educators offer a half-day workshop for a variety of caregivers including registered nurses, registered practical nurses and attendants. These workshops include anatomy and physiology, gastrointestinal assessment and hands-on practice.

Central Venous Access Devices (CVADs) and Total Parenteral Nutrition:

Clinical educators offer full-day workshops to registered nurses. These workshops include theory and hands-on practice of CVADs procedures. The cost is $45 per hour for group training of up to 10 participants. For more information about these clinical training opportunities, contact Carol Thompson, Bloorview MacMillan's nursing education co-ordinator, (416) 425-6220, ext. 6339

Facilitation services for group meetings and retreats:

Conference/Workshop Planning and Management Services:


Courses, workshops and meetings may be accessed through videoconference equipment at Bloorview.

Multimedia Services:

We provide technical advice, resources and production of:

  • slide presentations
  • on-screen Powerpoint presentations
  • poster and display production
  • consultation services

Health Sciences Library:

The Health Sciences Library is a resource to staff, students, clients, families and community partners. As well, there is a Family Resource Centre located at both Bloorview sites. The resources in the Family Resource Centres are of particular interest to clients and families. Our collections include books, journals, videos and other materials related to pediatric rehabilitation, disabilities, complex medical conditions, research and education. The library is part of a consortium of health science libraries through the University of Toronto. Additional materials can be accessed through interlibrary loan and online searches of databases via the Internet.

A teaching hospital affiliated with the University of Toronto


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