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Family Resources: Family Facilitators

Family Facilitators

Family Facilitators support families to get ready for their child's transition to adult services.  Family Facilitators meet with families to talk about how to plan for the future. 

A Family Facilitator is:

  • A parent of a child or youth with a disability
  • Someone who understands the unique joys and challenges of having a child with a disability
  • Caring, supportive and resourceful

What Family Facilitators do:

  • Tell families about resources at Bloorview Kids Rehab or in the community
  • Link families together to support each other 
  • Help families to problem solve and advocate 
  • Encourage families to start to prepare for adult life early

What Family Facilitators talk about:

  • Building family strength
  • Friendships and relationships
  • How to share your child's story
  • Funding and service options
  • How to work together with your child’s school

Meet a Family Facilitator
When: Every Tuesday or Thursday from 11:00 am to noon
Where: Drop-in desk outside the Grocery Foundation Resource Centre in Bloorview

Susan Beayni, Family Facilitator  
Tel: 416-425-6220, extension 3284
E-mail: sbeayni at bloorview dot ca *(see Note below)

*Note: Copy the above e-mail address into the To field of your e-mail message and reconstruct the e-mail address by removing the spaces and replacing the “at” and “dot” with the proper symbols (@ and .) respectively.

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