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Bloorview Research Institute

Vision, Mission & Values


The Vision of the Bloorview Research Institute is to be an international leader in pediatric rehabilitation research.


The Mission of the Bloorview Research Institute is to conduct research that will enhance the quality of care and quality of life of children and youth with disabilities and special needs.

The Bloorview Research Institute exists to:

  • generate, apply, and disseminate research findings
  • build capacity in the field by training the next generation of rehabilitation researchers

Principles and Values

The Research Institute will be guided by the following principles and values:

  • The research agenda will be concordant and integrated with the goals of Bloorview
  • Research will be client and family-focused
  • Research will be applied, innovative, and of high quality
  • Research will be interdisciplinary and collaborative
  • Research findings will be widely disseminated
  • The Institute will provide a collegial and nurturing environment
  • Research Institute policies and procedures will be transparent
  • Evaluation of Research Institute activities will be frequent and transparent
  • Family Corner
  • Youth Corner
  • Kids Corner