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Seminar Series

Presentation Series Topics
Presenter(s) Date Topic or Title
Patty Rigby March 7th, 2006 Children's Rehabilitation Research Network: Making it work for you
Virginia Wright March 14th, 2006 “How do changes in Impairment, Activity and Participation relate to each other? An evaluation with ambulatory children with cerebral palsy who receive Botulinum Toxin Type-A injections"
Darlene Kordich Hall April 4th, 2006

RIRO, a research and demonstration project designed to promote resilience in young children

Darlene has been the coordinator and co-principal investigator for the Reaching IN Researching OUT program.

Jeff Jutai April 11th, 2006 Introduction to research at the CNIB
Alex Mihailidis May 2nd, 2006 "Intelligent Home Research at the University of Toronto"
Karl Zabjek May 16th, 2006 "Innovative advancements in the study of pediatric spinal deformities and age related neuromusculoskeletal conditions."

Christy Pickles, Kent Campbell, and Behdin Nowrouzi

June 6th, 2006

Rehabilitation Research Methods used with Children with Cerebral Palsy: A systematic review

Behdin Nowrouzi, Kent Campbell, and Christy Pickles June 6th, 2006 Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in children: A systematic, longitudinal review of the research evidence
Jeffrey Kreutzer June 13th, 2006 The brain injury family intervention (BIFI): Theoretical basis, methodology and outcomes.
Suzanne Manning July 11th Who are we Kid’ding:
Summer students August  
Louise Kinross September 5th 2006 Media Workshop
Cynthia Tam September 12th 2006 “Pediatric Application of Individualized Client-Centered Outcome Measures: A Literature Review".
Scott Young October 3rd 2006 “The preliminary title is: Perceiving Speed-Accuracy Trade-Offs in Movement”
Lina Santaguida October 10th 2006 “Systematic review and Meta Analyses: an Overview”
Fraser Shein November 14th 2006 “Grant review committees: what you should and shouldn't do to increase your chances of getting a grant”
Molly Malone December 5th 2006 "Investigation of Genetic Factors in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder".
Gail Teachman December 12th 2006 "Becoming a writer: Social constructions of writing from children with cerebral palsy”
Barbara Gibson February 06, 2021 “Social and Ethical Implications of Long-term Ventilation for Men with Muscular Dystrophy "
Dayle Levine February 13, 2021 “IDAPT project”
Christian Pylatiuk February 13, 2021 "Design of a multifunctional prosthetic hands and preliminary experience"
Cynthia Tam et al. March 06, 2021 “Establishing biomechanical characteristics of proficient printing in children”.
Nancy Thomas-Stonell March 13, 2021 "Development of a New Communication Outcome Measure for Preschool Children"
Steve Ryan

April 03, 2021


“Measure of AT impact on family functioning” 

Xena Kavoun & Kent A. Campbell

Sarah Gough, Kent A. Campbell & Kathryn A. Boschen

May 01, 2021 "Statistical power in randomized control trials in spinal cord injuries"

"Measuring attitudes towards assistive technology"
Coralee Mclaren June 05, 2021 " Dis/Abled Children and the Virtuosic: What Can a Body Do?"
Rachel Teplicky June 12, 2021

CanChild CanChild Intranet

Barbara Russell July 03, 2021 "Compensating Research Subjects: An ethically good idea? Or not?"
Summer Students August 7, 2021 Summer Student Presentations
Judy Maheu September 11, 2021 Accreditation presentation

Karen Spalding

September 18, 2021

"Optimal Approaches to Home and Community Care for Children and Youth"

Liz Vile and Carole Theoret-Douglas October 2, 2021 "Ottawa Pediatric Rehabilitation Research Alliance"
Patricia McKeever October 9, 2021
"Doing Research with Disabled Kids: Vexing Issues and Wicked Challenges"
Josie Pesch-Batenburg and Corry K. van der Sluis November 6, 2021
"Upper-limb prostheses: research from the Netherlands"
Rebecca Renwick, Unni Narayanan, Stefanie Blain and Eve Edelstein November 13, 2021 Bloorview Research Institute Symposium
Anne Fudge December 4, 2021 "The Rights or Responsibility of Inspection: Photographs and People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities"
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