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Name: Karl F. Zabjek

Title: Scientist

Theme: Evaluation of Care


Ph.D., Biomedical Sciences, University of Montreal,
M.Sc., Clinical Sciences, University of Sherbrooke
B.Sc., Kinesiology, University of Waterloo

University Position:

Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Therapy, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

Research Interests:

Mobility, Gait, Postural Control, Biomechanics, Spinal stability, Pediatric Spinal Disorders

Current Funding:

Title: The personal therapist: a smart ambulatory monitoring system to facilitate recovery following stroke
Role: Principal applicant
Agency: CIHR-NSERC, Collaborative Health Research Project (CHRP)

Title: The determinants of safe mobility in the elderly who use assistive mobility devices
Role: Principal applicant
Agency: CIHR(Seed Grant Aging)

Selected Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications:

Zabjek KF, Leroux MA, Coillard C, Rivard CH, Prince F.  Evaluation of segmental postural characteristics during quiet standing in control and Idiopathic Scoliosis patients.  Clin Biomech (Bristol, Avon). 2005 Jun;20(5):483-90.

Leroux MA, Zabjek K, Simard G, Coillard C, Rivard CH.  Estimated kyphosis and lordosis changes at follow-up in patients with idiopathic scoliosis. J Pediatr Orthop. 2002 Jan-Feb; 22(1):73-9.

Zabjek KF, Leroux MA, Coillard C, Martinez X, Griffet J, Simard G, Rivard CH.  Acute postural adaptations induced by a shoe lift in idiopathic scoliosis patients.  Eur Spine J. 2001 Apr; 10(2):107-13.

Contact Information:
Bloorview Research Institute,
Bloorview Kids Rehab
150 Kilgour Road
Toronto, Ontario
M4G 1R8

Tel: 416-425-6220, extension 3275
Fax: 416-425-6591

E-mail:  kzabjek at bloorview dot ca

Department of Physical Therapy
Rehabilitation Sciences Building
160-500 University Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M5G 1V7

Tel: 416-978-5072
Fax: 416-946-8562

E-mail: k dot zabjek at utoronto dot ca

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