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Bloorview Research Institute

Research Advisory Committee

The Research Advisory Committee is dedicated to advising the Bloorview’s Board of Trustees on matters related to the Research Institute, including strategic direction and performance. They ensure that funds allocated for research at Bloorview are used in an effective manner, while providing policy advice to the Director of the Institute. They make sure that the goals of the Research Institute complement the strategic goals of Bloorview, while ensuring the governing policies and procedures are consistent with other nationally and internationally recognized policies and standards. 

In addition to establishing performance benchmarks and evaluating processes within the Institute, the Committee is responsible for reviewing and approving formal academic and research partnerships, and receiving reports regarding scientific activity at Bloorview. 

Committee Members

  • Peter Lewis, Chair
  • Benjamin Alman
  • Sheila Jarvis
  • Mary Law
  • Colin Macarthur
  • Valerie McMurtry
  • Cal Millar
  • Golda Milo-Manson
  • Frank Palmay
  • Milos Popovic
  • Susan Guenther
  • Robert Byrick
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  • Youth Corner
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