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Community Programs & Services:
Bloorview Nursery School – High Park Site

We believe that learning opportunities come from experience.  We recognize that growth is dependent upon individual learning styles and through experiential play based on multi-sensory activities – each child has the freedom to make the experience his or her own.  We provide structured and non-structured environments that are fun and interesting.

If your child has special needs, the resource program is an enhancement of the group program and includes support service from a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech language pathologist, and communicative disorders assistant.  This multidisciplinary team supports both teachers and families in the analysis of each child’s needs.  The team plans, develops, and consults in the implementation of each child’s individual and program goals.

The High Park nursery school site operates from September to June.


A referral is required to access this nursery school. Referrals can come from doctors, hospitals, parents and therapists, for example.

Referral Form – Outpatient Services (Microsoft Word Document: 263 KB)


285 Indian Road Crescent
Toronto, Ontario, M6P 2G8


Vicky Pastuch, Administrative Assistant
Tel: 416-767-2192
E-mail:  vpastuch at bloorview dot ca

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