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Programs & Services

Community Programs & Services:
Community Outreach Service

The Community Outreach Service serves:

  • children who are between 0 and 12 years of age, and
  • who are enrolled part time or full time in a childcare program in Toronto. The child does not need to be a Bloorview Kids Rehab client in order to access this service.

The Community Outreach Service provides:

  • support to childcare centres in the Toronto area regarding programming, occupational therapy consultation and school transitions;
  • links to community support;
  • community education, awareness, and advocacy; and

The community outreach team can provide training and education on topics including:

  • a specific diagnosis or disability and how it impacts a child’s participation in child care;
  • general strategies for inclusive programming, such as adapting toys, activities and classroom design;
  • modifications to outdoor play equipment and activities;
  • educational workshops for staff on specific disabilities and/or interventions; and
  • individualized training to advance your practice to improve your assessment and programming skills.


A referral is required to access this service.  Referrals can come from doctors, hospitals, parents and therapists, for example.

Referral Form – Outpatient Services (Microsoft Word Document: 263 KB)

Please Note: Registration with this service does not facilitate access to other Bloorview Kids Rehab services.


285 Indian Road Crescent
Toronto, Ontario, M6P 2G8


Susan Musgrave, Specialized Resource Consultant
Tel: 416-767-2192 or
416-425-6220, extension 3708 (voicemail only)
E-mail: smusgrave at bloorview dot ca

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