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News: Bloorview awarded the 2008 Canadian Nurses Association Employer Recognition Award!

Bloorview has been awarded the 2008 Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) Employer Recognition Award!

This award recognizes employers who actively support the CNA Certification Program and CNA certified nurses. Bloorview was nominated by a group of nurses at Bloorview, including Michelle Condillac, Jenette Schoon, Maryanne Fellin, Ana Dimambro, Nick Joachimides, Aicam Chuong, Sandy Lem and Betty Winsor-Stallan.

Bloorview was recognized for the level of support we offer to our registered nurses in pursuing continuous education opportunities through the CNA certification program.

Sandi Cox, Kim Krog and Carol Thompson are Bloorview’s champions of the program and their support and encouragement of nurses throughout the process has been outstanding.

Some of our initiatives include:

  • reimbursing nurses who apply for certification,
  • organizing formal study groups to ensure maximum participation,
  • ensuring the availability of necessary textbooks and
  • offering emotional support in preparation for the exam.

Bloorview has also been involved with the development and implementation of competence-based rehabilitation study group web casts.

For more information, you can review the news release issued by the CNA.

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