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Our Donors: A Bat Mitzvah Celebration

On October 18th, 2008, Greta Hoaken had her Bat Mitzvah, in the presence of over 100 of her friends and family, at Temple Sinai Synagogue in Toronto.

The Hoaken Family

While most teenagers celebrating this important milestone can typically expect generous cash gifts, Greta kindly ask her guests to refrain from giving her gifts, but did request donations be made to Bloorview Kids Foundation to help children and youth with disabilities.

“Kids with disabilities are just like everyone else. I wanted to help out in some way so I decided to ask my guests to donate to Bloorview. It is a great place that helps kids with special needs achieve their dreams,” stated Greta.

Greta’s mom, Lisa, works at Bloorview Nursery School’s Play and Learn site. Lisa has worked at Bloorview for over six years and has witnessed first hand the impact of donor support on children with disabilities. Over the years, Lisa has brought Greta into work so she could volunteer and learn about childhood disability.

“Greta has helped out at the facility a number of times so she knows that kids with disabilities are just like other kids. Greta is really into sports, she loves to play field hockey, ice hockey and soccer. I was really proud of her decision to ask guests to make donations rather than give her money that she could have spent on material things she doesn't really need,” stated Lisa, Greta’s mom.

Tribute donations made by Greta's guests exceeded $4,000 and will help empower children in the Bloorview Nursery School Program, a community based service built on the principles of inclusion and integration. Under the guidance of a multidisciplinary team of educators and therapists, kids with disabilities and able-bodied youngsters alike grow, learn and participate together. The funds donated by Greta's guests have already been used to purchase voice output devices at the Play and Learn site.

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