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Bloorview Kids Foundation

Bloorview Kids Rehab announces its new Foundation

Today, we are pleased to report on an important development in Canada’s commitment to children with disabilities. Bloorview Kids Rehab, a global leader in the field of childhood disability, is pleased to announce the merger of two foundations to create the new Bloorview Kids Foundation.

The merger of Bloorview Children’s Hospital Foundation and Bloorview Kids Foundation was unanimously approved at Bloorview’s 2009 Annual General Meeting. The amalgamation was formally approved by the Office of the Ontario Public Guardian & Trustee, effective on June 30, 2009.

With invested assets of more than $50 million to further support and advance the cause of childhood disability, the merger creates Canada’s largest foundation exclusively devoted to improving the health of children with disabilities. The new Foundation wants to ensure children with special needs will always have access to programs and services they need, obtain specialized equipment they require and the critical medical care they can’t live without.

The Foundation is dedicated to raising, investing and granting funds to support, Bloorview Kids Rehab, the leader in care, research, and education for children with disabilities and their families. Whether it is a trip to the neighbourhood park, playing video games, attending a birthday party, or even getting out to school, kids with disabilities just want to be kids.

Bloorview is committed to helping children with even the most severe disabilities live ordinary and sometimes extraordinary lives – just like everybody else. Bloorview Kids Foundation has attracted some of Canada’s most influential business and community leaders and is proud to announce the following executive leadership team: Tom Muir, Chair, Dougal Macdonald, Vice-Chair, Dr. Ben Alman, Vice-Chair, Valerie McMurtry, President & CEO, Tom Flynn, Bloorview Kids Rehab Chair, Sheila Jarvis, President & CEO Bloorview Kids Rehab.

“This merger creates the largest concentration of private philanthropic investment in childhood disability in Canada. With these funds and our talented leadership team, Bloorview is positioned to further the cause of childhood disability to ensure that children with disabilities have the opportunity to thrive and pursue their dreams,” said Valerie McMurtry, President and CEO of Bloorview Kids Foundation.

Bloorview is one of the world’s most innovative and advanced pediatric rehabilitation hospitals. Its research in childhood disability is award-winning. And it is an amazing example of Canadian ingenuity and leadership.

Important: Financial status post merger June 2009

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