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Speaking Up


As a person with a disability, it can be very difficult sometimes to be able to speak up and say what's on your mind. For one thing, able-bodied people tend to believe that if you're in a wheelchair or have another type of disability (seen or unseen), you must have another disability. It is common practice for people to assume that we are unable to speak for ourselves and unable to make decisions. Even when we go shopping or out to eat it is assumed we can't choose the type of clothes or articles we would like and we are definitely not paying the bill.

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Transitioning to Adulthood with a Disability

October, 2008

By Scott MacLellan

Being a partially independent young adult has its perks: higher education, starting to live on your own, etc. But if you have a disability, it can be tough to achieve.

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Letter to Door2Adulthood

May 2008

By Eric Kirkey

When I first found out about the conference, I was very excited! Getting a chance to go to Toronto by myself was very exciting. I had gone to Toronto before with my teacher to Medieval Times and stayed at the Delta Chelsea Hotel. And that trip was really fun.

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Have Wheels, Will Travel

April 2008

Allison Dunfield
Globe & Mail

YOU WHEEL YOURSELF into your local community recreation centre hoping to participate in today’s open swim. Your first obstacle is the high counters in which staff must awkwardly bend over to speak to you. Next, the hall leading to the change room is cramped and people have to constantly dodge your chair.

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