Different Dads: Father’s Stories of Parenting Disabled Children, Jill Harrison (Editor), 2007.
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Growing Up Ready Skills and experiences your child with a disability needs to smooth the transition to adulthood.
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Building a Joyful Life with Your Child with Special Needs, by Nancy J. Whiteman, Linda Roan-Yager, 2007

The Ride Together: A Brother and Sister’s Memoir of Autism in the Family, Paul and Judy Karasik, 2003

Sixty-five Roses: A Sister’s Memoir, Heather Summerhayes Cariou, 2007

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New York Times, July 15, 2021

Calm Down or Else

For more than a decade, parents of children with developmental and psychiatric problems have pushed to gain more access to mainstream schools and classrooms for their sons and daughters. One unfortunate result, some experts say, is schools’ increasing use of precisely the sort of practices families hoped to avoid by steering clear of institutionalized settings: takedowns, isolation rooms, restraining chairs with straps, and worse.

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