I am a parent of a teen with Down syndrome, a writer and the lucky recipient of a copy of BLOOM. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading the magazine. The writing is fantastic: you tell good stories succinctly yet warmly. And the stories are above average! Not only are the topics well thought out but covering novel, almost taboo yet extremely practical themes. Doesn't hurt that the art direction and photos are top notch. Kudos to BLOOM for putting out a great little magazine!

Madeleine Greey, Toronto


It’s nice to hear great stories, but when you know your son isn't even close to having a happy ending, it's very difficult to read other success stories. You feel like what am I doing wrong? How can my son also have a successful story? I would like stories of hope and education like the article When children hurt themselves June 2008.

A parent who filled out the BLOOM online survey

Editor’s note: We do try to address the very real challenges facing families of children with disabilities and to include children with a variety of disabilities.


I read the latest BLOOM issue. I found it very powerful. The stories were very real and the comments parents made regarding coping and family made me feel like I’m not so strange and different after all. I guess many of us feel the same way. I loved it.

Claudia Langill, Toronto


I am the horticultural therapist at the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary and was one of the coordinators for the 2008 Annual Conference for the Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association. Our members were thrilled to receive a copy of BLOOM in their registration packages.
It gave many participants some great insight into caring for disabled children.

Rebecca Feasby, Calgary

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