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If your story touches on childhood disability, you'll find authoritative spokespeople at Bloorview Kids Rehab.

We're Canada's largest children's rehabilitation facility, with an international reputation for innovation in clinical programs, research and education.

Whether it's pioneering devices that allow kids with physical disabilities to use the computer or play instruments, conducting clinical trials into medical treatments, or providing hospital, outpatient and community services that build independence and quality of life, our mission is to "enable kids with disabilities."

To be connected with expert sources, call Louise Kinross, Manager, Communications at (416) 424-3866, pager (416) 589-8826.


Bloorview Kids Rehab building ranks as one of best Toronto architecture projects in 2006

Toronto Star architecture critic Christopher Hume has included the new Bloorview Kids Rehab building in a list of top-10 architectural projects "that remind us we are capable of excellence after all," Hume writes in a December 30, 2020 article titled A banner year for building.

A photo of the new Bloorview Kids Rehab building and this mention are included:
Bloorview Kids Rehab (Montgomery Sisam): A place that could have been dreary and depressing is anything but. Iconic yet neighbourly and welcoming, it is one of the most deeply moving additions to the city.

Link to Toronto Star story:

To be connected with expert sources, call Louise Kinross, Manager, Communications at (416) 424-3866, pager (416) 589-8826.


Bloorview’s Independence Program hits prime time with W-5 story, Nov. 18 at 7 pm on CTV

The Young Heroes of Bloorview Kids Rehab - Read a Toronto Sun series about how Bloorview helps kids turn disability into possibility


Adapted instruments give teens new level of artistic expression

Help and Hope
Read about CTV W-FIVE's inspirational documentary about Bloorview

Flora the clown has the magic touch
‘I’ve always felt the clown being out of place in the hospital and being vulnerable and alone mirrors the child’

Grandson’s voice is ‘the best Christmas gift ever’
'Technology allows Kayle to express thoughts his family never knew he had

Hospitals join forces in child development
A Sick Kids' program that assesses childhood developmental disorders moves to Bloorview

With pain disorders, looks can deceive
'So many doctors didn't know about fibromyalgia,' says Phoebe, 14, learning how to manage chronic pain in Bloorview's pediatric pain service

Device puts spoken word in writing
With SpeakQ, students with learning disabilities simply talk to get their thoughts on paper

Cracking the language code
A stroke robbed Nicole, 8, of the ability to express herself. At Bloorview, she's putting together the puzzle of words and grammar with speech-language pathologist Kim Bradley.

Head start levels the playing field
A specialized early school program for students with disabilities is their best guarantee for inclusion in community schools later on, says Linda LaRocque, principal of Bloorview School Authority. Read about the early primary program she runs for children aged four to six at Canada's largest children's rehabilitation hospital.

Software unlocks the writer in Luke
A word-prediction tool developed at Bloorview enables a boy with hand tremors to "put down on paper the kind of wonderful, funny response that he could only express verbally before," his mother says.

Alex's dad is giving back
As voluntary chair of the most ambitious fundraising campaign in Bloorview's 105-year history, it's Dougal Macdonald's private story of parenting a child with disabilities that counts. Bloorview kicks off a $150 million investment in children's rehabilitation with the construction of a new building and the launch of a childhood disability research institute.

A restful retreat
Construction is underway on Bloorview's new $100-million facility, which architect Terry Montgomery describes as "a unique design with a country atmosphere -- a kind of restful retreat." Read about the rationale for the design in this interview with Terry Mongomery, principal at Montgomery Sisam Architects Inc.

Tapping every child's promise
Bloorview Kids Rehab launches North America's first research institute dedicated to childhood disability. Bloorview Research Institute is made up of a multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers whose aim is to generate clinical discoveries and technologies that will benefit children worldwide.

How come you walk funny?
A Discovery Health documentary chronicles one year in the life of Bloorview's integrated kindergarten program, where able-bodied kids are immersed in a world of wheelchairs and walkers.

Canada invests in engineer's smart technology
Bloorview's biomedical engineer Tom Chau receives a Canada Research Chair in pediatric rehabilitation engineering for developing smart technologies that allow children to circumvent their disabilities.

Smoothing the way for William
New prosthetic knee makes instability a thing of the past.

Finding the perfect fit
A massive limb-use study aims to help therapists track which prostheses work best for children at different stages.

Harnessing the murmur of muscles
Our muscles murmur as they contract. Now researchers at Bloorview are harnessing those sounds to revolutionize the way prosthetic limbs are controlled. The plan is to embed tiny sensors that measure sound and vibrations in below-elbow prostheses, producing a device that rolls on like a sock.

High-fat diet puts Ashley back on the ice
A child with intractable, complex seizures shows significant improvement after trying the ketogenic diet -- a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet that chemically mimics starvation.

A teaching hospital affiliated with the University of Toronto


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