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Policies & Practices: Privacy Statement

Our Commitment to Privacy

Bloorview Kids Rehab is committed to protecting your privacy. At Bloorview, we respect your right to access your personal health information.  Bloorview ensures that all health information, that we collect, is accurate and treated with confidentiality, respect and dignity. Our privacy policy and procedures are guided by the Personal Health Information Protection Act and the Public Hospitals Act.

What is Personal Health Information?

The personal health information we collect includes your name, date of birth, health insurance number, address, health history, records of your visits to Bloorview, and the care that you received during those visits.

How does Bloorview use Personal Health Information?

  • To provide you with health care services, both within and outside of the hospital.
  • To support Bloorview’s research programs. Researchers may use your health information while working on approved studies, provided that you have given consent.
  • To support Bloorview’s educational activities as a teaching hospital that trains new doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals.
  • For payment of your care. We collect your health insurance number because it is needed to receive payment for your health care services from the government.
  • To help us provide the best care possible for your child, we may send you Client/Family Satisfaction Surveys.
  • To support fundraising activities. Bloorview Kids Foundation is dedicated to raising money for Bloorview to pay for programs, services, equipment, research, and client and family needs. The Foundation does not buy, sell or trade donor lists.
  • To keep you informed of any important or interesting things happening at Bloorview.

Protecting Your Privacy

We protect your personal health information from theft, loss and unauthorized access, copying, modification, use, disclosure and disposal.

We do audits and investigations to monitor and manage compliance to our privacy policy.

We do our best to ensure that we only use your personal health information for purposes you consent to and that everyone who performs services for us, also protects your privacy.

You Have Choices

You may have your name removed from fundraising, satisfaction surveys and publicity mailing lists at any time by contacting Bloorview’s Privacy Officer.

The Bloorview Privacy Office

Bloorview’s Privacy Officer can tell you more about how Bloorview protects your health information, how you can view your health record and will respond to any concerns.

Privacy Officer

Telephone: 416 425 6220, extension 3507

Toll Free: 800 363 2440
E-mail: privacy at bloorview dot ca (e-mail is not a secure way to transmit personal information)

How to Contact Ontario’s Privacy Commissioner

You may also make a complaint to the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario by:

Telephone: 416 326-3333
Toll Free: 800 387-0073

Or by writing:
2 Bloor Street East, Suite 1400
Toronto, Ontario M4W 1A8

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