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Policies & Practices: Infection Control

At Bloorview Kids Rehab, we are committed to providing the best care possible to our clients and families. We believe that it is the responsibility of each person who works here, in partnership with clients and families.

As part of our ongoing commitment, Bloorview publicly reports our hospital acquired infection rates on our website and submits our rates to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to be posted on

Publicly reporting our hospital acquired infection rates allows us to establish a baseline from which we can track our rates over time. By monitoring our performance over time we are able to track if our rates have risen above our baseline, and look internally at our processes to identify areas for improvement.

To maintain and improve our high standards of infection control, we’ve put a number of measures into place, from the basic necessity of using hand wash / rinse stations throughout the building to consulting with individuals and departments about best practices for prevention, to maintaining a hospital-wide surveillance system that can respond immediately if action needs to be taken.

For all clients new to Bloorview we maintain a screening process for infectious diseases. Clients found to have infections of a certain type may be isolated in various ways, while family and visitors will be asked to dutifully respect hand-washing standards. This is especially important at a time when health-care facilities are facing the challenge of combating organisms that are resistant to many antibiotics. In some cases, staff (as well as parents and caregivers) may be required to wear protective equipment, such as gloves, gowns and masks.

To strengthen our screening process, Bloorview encourages visitors to self-screen before entering the facility. If one or more of the following symptoms are present, visitors cannot enter the building, are asked to visit their family physician, and must reschedule their visit once their symptoms are gone. These symptoms include:

  • A new cough (not associated with your current illness)
  • Fever Shortness of breath (worse than usual)
  • Severe headache (worse than usual)
  • Unexplained muscle aches
  • Unexplained extreme fatigue
  • Vomiting and/or diarrhea

The maximum number of visitors at any time is four and an adult must accompany any visitor under the age of 12.

For more detailed information about infection control issues as well as resource sites, please refer to the following:

Cara Sudoma RN CIC
Infection Control Practitioner/ Risk Manager
Tel: 416-425-6220, extension 6061
E-mail: csudoma at bloorview dot ca *(see Note below)

Toronto Public Health
Travel Health Advisory
Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
Health Canada

*Note: Copy the above e-mail address into the To field of your e-mail message and reconstruct the e-mail address by removing the spaces and replacing the “at” and “dot” with the proper symbols (@ and .) respectively.

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