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About Bloorview

Policies & Practices: Cell Phone Policy

Bloorview insists upon limited use of cell phones and other personal electronic devices in our building. Cell phones, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and walkie-talkies are not permitted—except in emergency situations—on the 3rd floor nor in the Bloorview School as they may interfere with medical equipment.

As protecting the privacy and safety of our staff and clients is fundamental, these devices are also not permitted in change rooms, locker rooms, treatment rooms, washrooms, and on or near the pool decks. This is to prevent the use of the camera function that accompanies some of these devices. In fact, no photographs can be taken anywhere within the Bloorview facility without explicit official permission and signed consent forms for anyone in the photos.

Otherwise, we request discretionary use of cell phones and PDAs throughout the remainder of the building.

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