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About Bloorview

Awards: Power of Possibility

Inspired by the Legacy of Dr. Hugh MacMillan

Bloorview is a world-class organization with world-class staff. The Power of Possibility Awards recognize Bloorview staff and their innovative projects or initiatives that have had a measurable impact on the quality of life for clients and families.

We are proud to have staff with the talent and passion that contributes to our culture of innovation. Our ambitious vision of being an international leader in improving the lives of children and youth with disabilities is only possible with work of these remarkable individuals.

Award Recipients

Family Facilitators Project:

Hiring parents of children with disabilities as Family Facilitators inspires families to plan for their children’s future with hope. Recognizing parents as staff lends credibility to their lived experience and acknowledges the value of their expertise.

Film Production Project:

A film workshop for teens with facial differences offers youth an opportunity to improve their social and communication skills in a safe and supportive environment.

Access Technology for Switch Users Project:

Providing switch users with the ability to access technology that supports reading and writing.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication Project:

Meeting the challenge: Online course for new professional staff at communication clinics establishes a training standard for Ontario.

"When man has one skill cut off, he can look for alternatives.”
- Dr. Hugh MacMillan

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