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Awards: Congratulations to Bloorview’s 2008 Circle of Honour Recipients!

The 2008 Circle of Honour awards were presented on June 18th to four worthy recipients who have made exceptional contributions in creating a better world for children and youth with disabilities. The Circle of Honour Awards are Bloorview’s highest honour and the deserving recipients truly exemplify excellence in their respective areas.

Circle of Honour awards were presented to the Community Association for Riding for the Disabled and Clifford Chadderton, CEO of War Amps in the area of service, Patty Rigby in the area of education and Kim Long in the area of philanthropy.

Abbey Simbrow, Executive Director of CARD accepted the award on CARD’s behalf. CARD is a non-profit organization helps improve the lives of children and adults with physical and cognitive disabilities through quality therapeutic horseback riding programs.

Clifford Chadderton was recognized for his creativity and innovation in the creation of the revolutionary Child Amputee (CHAMP) Program. The CHAMP program encourages child amputees to live life to the fullest and provides emotional and financial support and guidance to amputees and their families.

CHAMP is the only program of its kind in the world and has gained international renown for its innovative assistance to children who are born missing limbs or lose limbs due to accidents or medical reasons.

Bloorview Research Institute’s Patty Rigby was honoured for her work as a respected teacher, author, mentor and collaborator. Patty brings her passion to the field of rehabilitation research.

In addition to her many contributions to scholarly publications, she has been involved in developing assistive technologies and creating tools that have guided occupational therapy practice in Canada and have gained world-wide recognition and acceptance. 

Kim Long, has been actively involved with Bloorview as a generous donor, passionate fundraiser for the Bloorview Kids Foundation and caring parent to Robbie, a Bloorview client. 

Through her efforts, Kim is raising awareness and funds to help ensure that children with disabilities have the tools and resources they need to achieve their personal best. Last year, Kim generously took over the Bloorview Kids Foundation’s Day at the Races event and host it as a third party fundraiser, raising $50,000 for Bloorview.

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